Democratic Committee of Richmond County, Inc. 


- "Mr. Democrat" John Sollazzo, Chairman 

Democratic Committee of Richmond County, Inc.

Democratic Committee of Richmond County, inc. Dedicated Democrats

Educating and Mobilizing Staten Island's Political Grass Roots 


Dedicated Democrats

"We would be nowhere on Staten Island without the help of Dedicated Democrats."

Chairman John N. Sollazzo


My name is John Sollazzo.  I have been involved in the Staten Island community for well over 50 years.  I am a retiree of the FDNY and remain involved in the issues concerning our first responders and their families.  I am a retired businessman on Staten Island.  I am on many charitable boards and administer several local charitable organizations.  I have seen many of the changes on Staten Island.  I remember the farms that I went to as a child that are now shopping centers.  I have seen the shift in residential and commercial centers throughout the Island.  I am originally from Mariner's Harbor (or "THE HARBOR") as us natives call it.  Now I live in the Mid-Island area in Manor Heights.  So many people, places and things have changed over the years.  I embrace this change, which is a constant on Staten Island.

But as much as things change and progress, so many things still stay the same.  We are still a tight-knit community, as was evident in the aftermath of Super-Storm Sandy and as is still clear with much of the community work I do.  On Staten Island, neighbor helps neighbor, friend, and even stranger helps stranger - and then strangers become neighbors and friends.  We are all in this together.  We are one community dedicated to one another.

To that end, we have focused this organization that I call DEDICATED DEMOCRATS.  We are focused on basic principles: That we are one community with many different voices and all are important.  That a rising tide lifts all ships.  That we can move forward together and effect positive change in our community through education, policy recommendations and grass-roots efforts to engage our neighbors and all of Staten Island.

If you are interested in joining us, please feel free.  You can contact me at 917-751-4488. Thank you very much.